Much like the bananas you buy at the super market, electricity is inflating in a very similar way. With Xcel, we are seeing anywhere from 4%-6% every year, and about 3% every quarter.

In simple terms, the more buildings that are built, the more electricity needed to power those buildings which creates a higher demand for electricity. Unfortunately, our electrical infrastructure very old, and poorly maintained. Since all these new buildings are PULLING electricity from the grid, Xcel is having a hard time keeping up with maintenance costs, which is where the renewable mandate comes into play.

This solar movement is about reducing strain on the grid to avoid a catastrophic collapse.

With solar, You become a producer, supplying more, cheaper electricity into your home and into the grid. Since Xcel needs people to go solar, they have invited programs like Sunrun into the electrical grid to help people make the switch through something called a PPA which allows you to switch utilities, receive panels with zero out of pocket costs to you, no loans, a cheaper monthly bill, and fixed billing for 25 years.

If you could have signed an agreement 5 years ago that would have locked in your gas prices at the pump for the next 25 years, I’m sure you would have!