My name is Matthew Lee, I am relatively new to the energy and solar industry, I have been doing this job for about a year now. I am 2 years out of college where I attended Colorado School of Mines, played football, and studied environmental engineering. The reason I do this job is because it allows me to genuinely help people who do not realize they are being swindled into paying to much for power. I represent Freedom Forever as my installer, the number 1 solar installer in the US, and Sunrun, the number 1 solar PPA agency.

One of the first things I learned at Mines is that energy is free. It’s all around us. However, it just so happens that we live in a capitalistic world, where nothing is free. Trust me, I learned that they hard way. But right now, we all have the opportunity to benefit from Xcel’s mistakes through solar.

I have taken the liberty of compiling all of the information that I could into a slightly interactive and informational experience to make this new and uncertain time of energy transition make sense for everyone.


Xcel’s situation

This is an informative guide to the current situations involving the energy industry here in Colorado. You will learn about their mandates, and their future plans.

What it means for you

You will also learn about the implementation of new rate increases and how they are going to continue to effect you moving forward.

Do you qualify

Set up a short phone Consultation with me to see if we can help put you in a better situation and become free from Xcel’s control.